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So last week, our fashionistas took  a small break, but not to worry this week we are back and covering the recent Tribute to Vivienne Westwood. Featuring fabulous designs by Boudoir and Faster Pussycat. These two fabulous designs has brought out our inner punk rawker. 

Dementia is wearing:

  • Dress: Sex Pistols Dress (Mesh!) by Boudoir
  • Shoes: Escarpa Boots in Black by {LWL}
  • Hair: Grappa Cellini (Man) in Red by LoQ
  • Eyepatch: Diamond Eye Patch by Baiastice
  • Gloves: ENIGMA Bracelets in Black by LouLou&Co
  • Lipstick: Halloween Pack in Black by L.Fauna
  • Piercing: Seppy by iPoke

Slowly is wearing:

  • Crown: Angel Food Cake Tiara by  ~*FBG*~
  • Eyemakeup: I’m waiting 04 eyeshadows by h.m.a.e.m
  • Lipstick/gloss: Big Sexy Lips Burgandy  By Oceane and Miss Priss Liogloss 5 Cheap Makeup
  • Blush: Purple  By LG Concepts
  • Outift: Diamond Queen and Tulle Poof Skirt (Modified) by Faster Pussycat 
  • Sleeves: ROSALIA by Donna Flora (modified)
  • Rings: By Big Chic Ring Black Clear Pearl by Glamorize
  • Onyx Stones Ring by Izzie’s
  • Fishnets (arms) Punk Body Net by [D*L]
  • Fishnets (legs) Angry Betty Stockings Faster Pussycat
  • Shoes:  AC 9” combat high heel boots

Currently Playing: Neat, Neat, Neat by The Damned

So here we are embarking on the 4th of July here in America, so our fabulous travelers decided to take a relaxing beach excursion sporting some fantastic summer fashions from none other than Gizza!

Dementia is wearing:

  • Dress: Florescense dress in Pinky by Gizza (includes both hat and bag!)
  • Hair: ME in Chestnut by [ 69]
  • Shoes: String Wedge by [AL] (available on the marketplace)
  • Bracelet: Indra Painted Stacked Bangles in Silver by Zaara
  • Earrings: Sarayi Hoops *wood* by Zaara
  • Sunglasses: “RG1” Black Lens by =DeLa*=
  • Lipstick: Allure Makeup Faded Lipstick in Shocking Pink by *Fishy Strawberry*

Slowly is wearing:

  • Hairbase: adorable -black by TuTy’s
  • Ponytail: GENIUS high ponytail black by TuTy’s
  • Sunglasses/bag/outfit/earring: walking on the beach in green by GizzA
  • Nails: Ocean by Finesmith
  • Ring: Chakra Ring in turquoise by Finesmith
  • Shoes: Wedge Sandal Sea Breeze in Cherry Tree by -SKIFIJA-

The Glamorous Life

Every good traveler knows when you need to take a rest. This week our two fashionistas are headed for a night out on the town with some of our favorite designers. CHANTKARE, -Glam Affair-, Leverocci (fabulous sale going on btw), Mandala, TUTY’S, Vika Designs, and N-Core just to name a few; with fabulous pastel eyes by Firefly. 

That’s it for now, we’re going to enjoy our cocktails and see you all next week with a new chapter in our fashion adventures!

Slowly is wearing:

  •  Hairbase: Tuty’s Ballerina Black
  •  Bun: Amacci Hair knowt - Black Coal (modified)
  •  Eyeshadow: h.m.a.e.m I’m waiting 03
  •  Lipstick: | ALEIDA | Lip w. teeth dark B 003
  •  Earing: [[SHADE THRONE]]  OVER DRAMA 
  •  Necklace: [[ SHADE THRONE ]] THE PERFECT TUNE - silver monochrome
  •  Top: CHANTKARE cotton stripe Bodysuit- group gift
  •  Under Shirt: Faizah-bra
  •  Pants: - Glam affair- lou pants- burgundy 
  •  Nails:*Reziosa Loc* Electric Blue Nails 
  •  Bracelets: [[SHADE THRONE]] Dark Spring- Night
  •  Clutch: (epoque.s) Illusion Clutch - Studded Black
  •  Shoes: N-Core Femme *noir intense*

Dementia is wearing:

  • Top: Soft Satin Blouse in Cobalt by Leverocci
  • Pants: Zula Pants in White by VIKA DESIGN
  • Shoes: Python 130 Carmen by Leverocci
  • Hair: LIMBO in Dark Brown by TuTy’s
  • Clutch: Goo PVC Clutch in Yellow by Fleshtone
  • Necklace and Earring: Kagetora Necklace and Earrings in White by [MANDALA]
  • Lipstick: 2.0 Lipstick in Red by L.Fauna
  • Nails: Takara Bangle Nail&Rings in Metal Silver by [MANDALA]
  • Bracelet: Milky Way Bracelet in Polly White by [MANDALA]

My contribution to the STAND4LOVE campaign. 

No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love.  The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody- Rita Mae Brown

My contribution to the STAND4LOVE campaign. 

No government has the right to tell its citizens when or whom to love.  The only queer people are those who don’t love anybody- Rita Mae Brown

Cruel Summer-Slowly and Dementia for Collabor88.

Well summer is almost officially here and today is was HOT, and feeding off that hot energy we present you with some of our favorite items from collabor88.

Dementia (left) is wearing:

  • Top: Iya Bustier in Tangerine for Collabor88 by Vive Nine
  • Skirt: Sparkling Sequince Mini in Tourquoise (Mesh!) for Collabor88 by Vive Nine
  • Shoes: Ala Shoes in Orange for Collabor88 by R2 fashion
  • Hair: Adorable Updo by Tuty’s
  • Sunglasses: Sunglasses Era #Yell by Emery
  • Lipstick: Faded Allure in Orange by Fishy Strawberry
  • Earrings by House of Fox
  • Bangle by Alatiel Fashions (r.i.p.)

Slowly (Right) is wearing:

  • Dress: Shaggylicious Dress for Collabor88 by CHANTKARE
  • Belt: Pure Silk Tassel Belt by GoK
  • Shoes: BOHO Fringe Wedge in Canary by Lush*Limited
  • Bag: Evil Mask Purse in Fireeater by *BOOM*
  • Hair: IAH431 by BooN
  • Hairband: Party in your room in Yellow Plain for Collabor88 by (ufo)
  • Sunglasses: Fabby Glasses in Mint for Collabor88 by (Yummy)
  • Bangle: Plastic Candy Bangles by *BOOM*
  • Ring: Johanna Ring in Amber for Collabor88 by Earthstones

So ‘O the day.

New blog. Just testing out the waters.